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Swansea now targeting Steven Naismith

The Everton forward is is being linked with Swansea while Norwich remains interested

Could Swansea City be a destination for Steven Naismith?
Could Swansea City be a destination for Steven Naismith?
Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Swansea City manager Alan Curtis has reportedly shown interest in Everton forward Steven Naismith and listed him as an option to help the team score more goals. While not a clear striker he can play the secondary striker role well and is know to put in a good amount of his goals from rebounds and free balls in the penalty area when playing that position.

Swansea currently sit one point out of the drop zone and have scored only 19 goals this season in 21 league games played. There is no doubt the team needs scoring options to solidify the team and avoid a relegation fight later this season.

The good news for Everton is Naismith is now being linked to multiple teams so if Norwich was feeling gun shy about a £8 million signing for him we can always play to Swansea. I can't imagine the offer going any higher for the 29 year old, but perhaps get the deal in place quicker so we can move on to any purchases we may be holding off on.

A comparable striker Benik Afobe went to Bournemouth for £10m from Wolverhampton Wanderers on a four and a half year deal, so that does seem to be the ceiling in this market.

Naismith has scored all three goals this season in the one Chelsea game while making 10 appearances. He also added one goal in 3 league cup games. In his Everton career he has totaled 19 goals in 103 games or once every five games. To be fair though his positioning under Roberto Martinez has been more as a left wing and not his natural secondary striker position, where he scored once every three games in the Scottish Premier League with Rangers FC.