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Everton targets keeper David Marshall

File this one under questionable signings.

Would David Marshall be a welcome sight in Goodison Park.
Would David Marshall be a welcome sight in Goodison Park.
Harry Trump/Getty Images

In an article that never once names Everton as having actual interest the Mirror claims that David Marshall is looking to leave Cardiff for a Premier League opportunity. He had a shot to leave in August for West Bromwich Albion, but Cardiff wanted £5 million for the keeper and they couldn't reach that deal.

The news seems largely centered around how poorly Tim Howard has played and the need with fans to see Everton target a keeper and potentially sign one. This deal though doesn't quite seem like the deal Everton needs to fix this need.

I'm not sure Joel Robles isn't a better option than Marshall and he's five years younger too. So unless Howard is on his way out and you need to sign a backup to Robles there isn't much need to place £5 million on a 30 year old Championship keeper.

There are much better options for a team with hopes to place near the top of the table and fight for European competition. If the Steven Naismith rumors are even true then the team would have to spend at least the £8 million he brings in on a Howard replacement.