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West Brom v Everton: Quick Passes

A few thoughts and observations on Everton's comeback victory over West Brom.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

With the defense clamping down in the second half, Gerard Deulofeu, Romelu Lukaku and Arouna Kone spurred Everton in a 3 goal comeback against West Brom. Here are some thoughts regarding the match:

Calvin - Do Ross Barkley and Gerard Deulofeu have some sort of friction between the two of them? Deulofeu laid on a peach of a cross in the first half that Barkley lost in his legs, and the Spaniard was furious, gesticulating wildly at Barkley. And then in the dying minutes of the game when Everton broke 4-on-1, all Deulofeu had to do was lay on a pass to his right for Barkley who was trying desperately to stay onside, and Geri ended up going to his left and eventually losing the advantage. Two most likely unrelated incidents, but something to keep an eye on.

Adam B - An incredibly entertaining match wihtout a doubt, but I walk away from it with one major thought: I'm tired of constant criticism of Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian striker isn't perfect, but when he's given the proper service, as he was against West Brom, he's a world class player. There are so few strikers in the world that aren't dependent upon service, and it is totally unfair to expect that of Tom. He's going to keep growing, and there's little doubt to me that Everton has a tremendous striker in him.

Sibi - The defense looked shaky at times (especially Funes Mori who we can forgive do to lack of Prem League experience) but we have to commend Browning and Galloway who both looked like they had years of experience. It's great to know that when Coleman and Baines come back from injury, we will be able to count on the backups during cup ties and in case of injury. How can we not start Deulofeu at this point. He loses the ball and his patience a lot, but at any moment of time he can whip in a cracking cross or create a bit of magic. Especially if we are losing during a game, he needs to be in.