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Blues away support has been phenomenal

Third road trip in nine days

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Everton manager has lauded the away support for making the journeys of thousands of miles and being there for the Blues at every fixture. Merseyside-based fans will have covered over a thousand miles in just the last three games, starting Saturday at Swansea City, then Tuesday at Reading and topped of by the trip to the Hawthorns tonight to take on West Bromwich Albion.

Including the away trips to Southampton, Barnsley and Tottenham Hotspur, that makes over two thousand miles in total that the Toffees have made their presence felt in.

Roberto commended the unconditional support and has been very proud of the backing, noting that the effect has been felt on the pitch as well.

"It has been a really demanding period but it has been incredible to see our support, going all the way to South Wales at Swansea and then Reading which is a tough place to get to on a Tuesday night. There were 4,000 fans there [at the Madejski Stadium], all full of passion.

"It has been challenging for the fans but our performances have been very good and now what we want to do on Monday is make sure we play at the same level to give our fans a real feeling of satisfaction."

While the travel is not quite that of the heady Europa League days of last season, it's still quite amazing to see Blues supporting the team nevertheless.