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Deulofeu's magic, Priorities and John Stones

Three things that got us talking after the Reading Third Round Capital One Cup match.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

"He's magic, you know.."

The ex-Barcelona winger was on fire on Tuesday. In the first half Everton were generally slow with the ball, but Gerard Deulofeu was always that little bit quicker, showing some brilliant skill to bypass the fullbacks and get the ball into the box. I counted at least six very good crosses he made in that first half alone that, with a little more anticipation from the forwards, could have led to a goal.

In the second half he upped it again, leaving defenders in his wake and put the ball into the box with threat once more. If Roberto doesn't give him minutes from the start of the game against West Brom next Monday night, he'll be wondering what he has to do to get into the team!

The free-kick, scored from 30 yards, really topped off what was a perfect example of what a winger should aim to be!

The Premier League, the League Cup and then the FA Cup. Priorities.

The intent Roberto Martinez has shown with his squad selections so far for the Capital One Cup has given us an idea of what he wants to achieve this season. I think the squad is just about at the limit for a twin assault on the League and the Capital One Cup. However, where does that leave us when the FA Cup comes along?

The beauty of the Capital One Cup is you can have a real go at it in the early weeks of the season until nearly the semi-finals. Then if you are still in it during the winter you can start to really take it seriously, especially if a number of bigger sides have been knocked out . If you're out of the Capital One Cup before the holiday season, a couple of weeks later the FA Cup begins and the search for cup success starts again. However, if Everton do go through to the semis, there will be a decision to make for Martinez - surely it is an impossible task to split interests three ways given the size of the squad?

Do you continue in the Capital One Cup and field a younger side for the FA Cup? Do you lineup a similar starting team to Tuesday night's game for the next round of the Capital One Cup and play a similar team again in the FA Cup? Or do you put a weak side out in the Capital One Cup and go all out for the FA Cup? Don't forget the miserable winter Everton endured last season chasing Europa League glory.

Heads, shoulders, knees, John Stones!

Mixed news on the Stones front, he had yet another game against Reading and held the defence together brilliantly. Unfortunately, he did leave the field due to injury shortly into the second half.

The knock he picked up is believed to be a knee-related and it was said that John suddenly started to struggle with movement whilst sat in the changing rooms at half time and couldn't continue after just five minutes of the second half.

Amidst the concern though, there is maybe some hope that the England international won't be gone to long. Martinez held a press conference after the game and played down the fears he could be sidelined for a long stint.

The manager said:

"John had a slight stiffness and pain in his knee during halftime and into the second half so we took him off as a precaution.

Its always a little early to tell at this stage, but we'll find out exactly what we can do and if we can get him straight back into training."