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Everton at Swansea: Post-match Quotes

Blues fail to find the winner despite dominating.

Alex Broadway/Getty Images

Everton traveled to Swansea City to take on a side that they have historically had success against. Blues against the Swans is usually an entertaining game with plenty of goals, and though both sides had plenty of chances to bulge the net, the final score still ended 0-0.

Roberto Martinez's comments:

On the final score -

"It's not normal to create that number of chances and not score a goal, so we are feeling deflated. The performances against Southampton and Chelsea have set the standard.

"The first half was very level. We had a clear way in which we wanted to defend. We needed to be more aggressive going forward with intent and that's why I'm pleased with the second half. We created good chances and they should have won us the game. That's why I'm disappointed. But the overall performance was satisfying.

"In the second half we took control, we played through them a few times and everything started with the composure of John Stones and Phil Jagielka. I keep seeing a real captain and even more, a player who is getting better and better. Sometimes he doesn't get the credit he deserves.

"But we needed to be a bit more aggressive going forward, show a bit more intent and that's why I'm so pleased with the second half performance. When you keep a clean sheet away from home it's always a satisfying element but we're not built to keep a clean sheet.

"When you keep a clean sheet as a result of your performance it's very pleasing because of the amount of chances we created in the second half, clearcut chances.

"They were enough for us to win the game so we have to be disappointed we didn't get the three points. I thought Swansea at times defended extremely well and maybe we should have taken better options at times, but overall the performance was very satisfying."

On Ashley WIlliams' tackle on Steven Naismith in the box -

"I watched it back and it looks a penalty. It was one of those awkward incidents where as the ball goes out of play there wasn't much of a decision for the referee.

"Steven Naismith and Ashley Williams go for the ball, but Ashley made the decision to try and make contact with the ball and Naisy has got there first. It's a clearcut penalty but I can understand why the referee didn't give it."

On the the third consecutive clean sheet away from home -

"The clean sheet is important. It is not easy to have three games away from home without conceding and we are not a team ‘built' to keep clean sheet - we are a team built to win football matches and to open teams up and create chances. It shows the balance of the side."

On Kevin Mirallas' late red card -

"I haven't seen it again but we'll look to see if we have grounds to appeal.

"I always tell my subs to come on and give a real intensity. I thought he was more of a striker trying to defend. He didn't have intention to hurt.

"I haven't seen it in detail but sometimes you need to show a little more common sense and I felt that he clearly didn't haver the intention to hurt the Swansea player.

"It was more Kevin being fired up trying to get the tempo of the game and trying to help the team.

"I'm disappointed with the action but not with his manner.

"I haven't seen it again but we'll look at it and if there's grounds for an appeal we'll look at it."