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Roberto Martinez Approval Rating - August 2015

How did Bobby do?

Julian Finney/Getty Images

The 2015-16 season is well and truly underway. Everton have played four games in the Premier League, have made it through to the next round of the Capital One Cup, and safely negotiated their way through the Chelsea-infested waters of the summer transfer period without losing John Stones and gaining exactly the three players Roberto Martinez had promised all along.

Here are Everton's results in the month of August 2015 -

2-2 draw, home against Watford FC (Premier League) - Stream

3-0 win, away at Southampton (Premier League) - Stream

0-2 loss, home against Manchester City (Premier League) - Stream

5-3 win, away at Barnsley (Capital One Cup) - Stream

0-0 draw, away at Tottenham Hotspur (Premier League) - Stream

So how do you think Roberto did this month? Feel free to consider his tactics, team selection, in-game adjustments and any other criterion where he has been involved. Further, also take into consideration what he did during the summer transfer window and his involvement with the youth squads.

Vote below.