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LISTEN: An angry Jose Mourinho swears at Roberto Martinez after Everton defeat

Is the special one losing it?

Stu Forster/Getty Images

Jose Mourinho has been recorded swearing at his Everton counterpart Roberto Martinez in the aftermath of Saturday's game at Goodison Park.

Mourinho was angry that Martinez conducted his TV interviews first, meaning Mourinho's departure on the coach back to London was delayed.

The incident was recorded by a Liverpool Echo journalist, something that will only add weight to the argument that the self-styled special one is feeling the pressure after Chelsea's poor start to the season.

After his TV interview, Martinez was speaking to a number of print journalists about the game in when Mourinho interrupted him and said: "Roberto next time tell me go before you because we have to travel."

A surprised Martinez replied "We don’t control that Jose, I don’t control that.", before Mourinho said "F****** hell" and went off to the media room in order to conduct his TV interview.

A understandably relaxed and content Martinez refused to be riled by Mourinho's attitude, calmly replying: "When he beat us 6-3 he was such a nice man, I prefer him like that!"

To be recorded behaving like towards a fellow a manager is hugely embarrassing for Mourinho and paints a picture of a manager who struggles to maintain his professionalism when his side lose.

This comes just a few weeks after the controversy surrounding team doctor Eva Carniero, who was banished from the Chelsea bench by Mourinho after she went onto the field to treat Eden Hazard in the final minutes of their opening day draw with Swansea.

But given what went on other the summer with Chelsea's pursuit of John Stones, I doubt Mourinho will be getting much sympathy from Everton fans right now.