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WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan proclaims his love for Everton

Sing it loud and proud!

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone's loving the new "Money Can't Buy You Stones" chant, including manager Roberto Martinez, who even sings it in the shower!

Former WWE world champion Daniel Bryan has previously proclaimed that he was also a Blue, but on this Virgin Radio Dubai show with fellow Evertonian Ross 'Big Rossi' Burrill, Bryan joined in the catchy ditty that we are certain to hear lots of on Saturday when Everton take on Chelsea at Goodison Park.

He joins in the footsteps of WWE trainer Robbie Brookside and wrestler Fandango who have also proclaimed their Toffee-hood loudly and proudly in the past.

Plenty of famous personalities have also declared their love for Everton in recent times - action movie star Sylvester Stallone being one of the most widely-known of the lot. UFC fighters Rampage Jackson and Sean Soriano heavyweight boxer Riddick Bowe and American rapper Nas.