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Martinez sings 'money can't buy John Stones' in the shower

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Roberto Martinez has been quick to praise the creativity of the Everton fans in coming up with the now infamous John Stones song - confessing he even sings it in the shower.

The reworking of the Beatles' "money can't buy me love" was a witty riposte by the supporters to Chelsea's aggressive - but ultimately futile - bid to sign Stones over the summer.

Martinez admits he has grown frustrated at the repeated questions about Stones' future, the latest being rumours the defender wants a release clause inserted into a new contract.

He did, however, see the funny side when he was asked about whether he had joined in with the Everton's fans' new catchy anthem.

When pushed on the Stones issue, Martinez revealed his frustration at the constant speculation, though was again quick to praise the 21-year-old for his attitude.

“I thought that when the transfer window was over we would be able to concentrate on the games and that is the only thing I am focusing on.

“Any story or any backlash still from the transfer window I am not going to entertain. Our interest is to look after every player who represents the club, they need understanding and we are going to look after the human being as well as we look after the footballer, and in this case we have shown that is what we have done. Our best interest is to continue developing John to allow him to be a very important footballer for us. We will do that with every single player in the club.

"It's fair to say John is going from strength to strength. Every opportunity he has to face a challenge, he faces it straight on and becomes a better player at the end of it. I was really pleased in the manner that the fans reacted towards John."In the dressing room and at the football club, he has always had tremendous support. John as an individual has benefitted from a difficult period with a lot of pressure. He's been able to find a way to perform on the pitch no matter what was going on around him.

"He always performed in the best possible way for Everton and that's going to help him for the rest of his career. If he can get through that, he can get through anything really. The support of the players has been key towards it and maybe it has made the group stronger."