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Everton at Tottenham: Post-match Quotes

Roberto's comments on a fortunate point

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Everton played poorly but came away from Tottenham with the satisfaction of having nullified their opponents despite the heavy tackles the game was littered with. The Blues showed little in offense all game long while the defence looked shaky at times but were anchored by an excellent, mistake-free showing from Tim Howard.

Tim Howard was first up.

On his man-of-the-match performance -

"It was a hard fought ninety minutes which was exactly what we expected.

"I think overall the draw was good for us and we go away on the international break full of confidence.

"For us our chemistry and the way we gel together is fine and my job is to keep the ball out of the net and I need to do that more often.

"I'm man of the match this week and last week I was the goat, it happens."

On beleaguered teammate John Stones -

"The sky's the limit for him, he's got the full package but we'll wait and see.

"He needs another fifty games under his belt but he's got good strength and he's good on the ball, but most importantly he's a good kid and in the dressing room we love him.

"We're around him and we support him 100% and he's got a bunch of friends on the team who keep him grounded. He's been fine and he's been smiling all week."

Manager Roberto Martinez came on next.

On the overall game -

"I thought it was a really satisfying performance.

"There are different types of games that you have to adapt to through the season and today was one of those,

"I though we had to find character and it was about never giving in and in spells we looked like we didn't have that sharpness in possession that we normally do.

"Probably because we played that extra tie game on Wednesday and they looked a little bit fresher in that respect, but overall I couldn't be happier with the way we defended when we had to.

"Overall I couldn't be happier with the manner that we defended today, Tim Howard was exceptional. I thought as a team to be able to come here and perform in the manner that we did was really a sign of what we have got in the dressing room.

"I thought that [Kone's chance] was probably the best that we had. Arouna worked extremely hard, Romelu Lukaku after playing 120 minutes did a magnificent job in that respect and then we showed real quality."

On Tim Howard and the rest of the players -

"Tim was immense, not just with his actions, but he was talking and had good communication with the back four," Martinez said.

"Tim is a leader and an incredible influence in the dressing room. On the pitch he's enjoying his football, so I wasn't surprised by the way he played at all.

"I'm more than happy with the draw because we had to show a lot of character and personality.

"Tim Howard is in exceptional form but as a team to come here and keep a clean sheet is very satisfying.

"It was a real shame, the injury to Tom Cleverley but the players on the bench, when they came on, showed an incredible focus to get up to pace with the game.

"I saw a couple of flashes where we could have nicked the game towards the end."

On Tom Cleverley being stretchered off -

"We are going to assess Tom Cleverley over the next 24 hours. We think that it is ankle ligament damage.

"I think the doctors are a little bit more positive now. Straight away we feared it could have been something else.

"To be able to get through that injury with only a minor injury has us thanking the luck we had."

On a very popular Beatles number doing the rounds in the last day or two -

"I heard a great song about John Stones that our fans were singing. I was ready to join in."

On the energy levels from Everton -

"We looked a little tired in attack after we had played 120 minutes on Wednesday. Spurs had more energy than us.

"I was satisfied because we had to show a lot of personality. Tim Howard was immense. It was a strong defensive display."

On the ever-present talk about John Stones -

"I think Stones has dealt with the pressure and speculation in an incredible way, so we'll show that respect towards him. He's showing the signs of a future England captain.

"I don't even want to go on and on and on, I think that issue [John Stones} has been resolved. As a football club we are very clear on our ambitions and we've been working really hard in the last couple of years to keep a core of players and as a football club I think it's important that we allow those players to evolve.

I think we have one of the strongest chairman in the league and he deserves a lot of credit. We're hoping to bring one more in before the window closes."