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Martinez - Everton stand by more important values than money

Everton boss confident John Stones will be ready to face Tottenham despite transfer speculation

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Roberto Martinez has spoken for the first time since Everton rejected a fourth bid from Chelsea for John Stones and released a statement insisting he is not for sale.

Martinez has been extremely dignified in his response to Chelsea's summer-long pursuit of the England defender, but has become increasingly defiant in his replies over the past few days.

The Spaniard confirmed on Wednesday that Stones' transfer request would be formally rejected and bolstered by chairman Bill Kenwright's statement, he once again insisted that Everton would not simply bow down to Roman Abramovich's roubles.

Speaking at his pre-Tottenham news conference, Martinez said:

"The chairman was really strong yesterday, he's put things very, very clear.

"It's vitally important to show that we have got our own ambitions and our own projects and we don't rely on big offers coming in.

"Many, many football clubs would have try to get the biggest deal they could do and take the money and allow the sale to happen.

"It shows we've got an incredible chairman and all he wants is the best for the football club, he's being doing that for many, many years and hasn't been given the credit he deserves.

"Every single Evertonian can be extremely proud to keep one of our most treasured younger players and make sure we build a winning team.

"It seems like money can buy anything these days and clearly what we stand for at Everton is more important values - in football and in life - that they are more important than money."

Martinez also insists that Stones will be ready to face Tottenham at White Hart Lane on Saturday. It has undoubtedly been an emotional time for the 21-year-old, who has continued to play throughout the saga.

He will certainly need some close man-managing over the next few weeks to help him re-focus on his football, though his manager has no doubts about his ability to perform at the highest level.

"John Stones will be ready [to play against Spurs] because he is in the perfect environment.

"It's been an emotional time for everyone but John is one of our most loved assets and he'll be ready.

"Of course the fans at one point thought they were going to lose one of the most-loved assets at our football club and the emotions are going to be high and full of feelings that you're going to show.

"John knows where he is; the fans, they are going to play an incredible role in helping John to settle in and to get back to being fully focused on winning football games for Everton."