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Martinez insists Stones going nowhere

Post-match quotes from Roberto and Lukaku after today's game

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Everton played a proper Cup thriller at Barnsley earlier today in the Second Round of the Capital One Cup, finally prevailing 5-3 after extra time. Here are some quotes from the manager Roberto Martinez after the game.

On John Stones' transfer request -

"Today was a match day, the game was more important.

"His request will be rejected. I have not spoken about it until now because we have been preparing for a match but we need to set an example for other clubs. Money cannot buy everything in football.

"Players are human and they deserve to be able to consider the next move in their careers but we are attempting to build the club and get to a Wembley final.

"I feel very let down by the authorities who have allowed the transfer window to be open while we playing because it has become a complete circus that is affecting one of our players. I am not surprised John has handed in a transfer request because he is a young man under massive pressure.

"He is going to be influenced because he is an impressionable age but we are determined to look after him at Everton and do the very best for him. We have a chairman who is a proper Evertonian and who knows that John is a central part of our club."

On Stones' performance on the the day -

"I thought that John Stones was incredible under enormous pressure. I think that the authorities need to look at what has gone on because it has become a bit of a circus.

"Our fans know that all we are doing is trying to become better and John is a massive part of that.

"Money cannot buy everything in life, there are some things like values. He is not for sale."

On opponents Barnsley -

"I thought Barnsley were superb throughout - dynamic and clinical. We were a little slow in the first half and showed poor focus in front of goal. It was a test to see if we could come back into the scoreline, but it was terrific to see the younger players showing up after a performance that was not acceptable in the first half.

"They reacted with desire in the second half and that shows how much this matters and how much we wanted to progress.

"We had to find a way to get back in it and then some of the football in the second half was fantastic. Some of the chances we had, we should have scored more.

"But it shows a really strong intent to send out a message that we care about the Capital One Cup and we want to do well. Tonight we had to show that with our second-half display. It was a fantastic tie."

On Gerard Deulofeu -

"He was outstanding when he came on. His pace, penetration and ability in one-v-one situations was something that inspired our second-half performance.

"As you could see at the end, he was finding it tough. The plan was never that he would play anything longer than 45 minutes. But he adapted well and can only benefit from it.

"It was a really good display. But everyone in the second half, individually and collectively, was very strong. It would have been all too easy to let the momentum of the first half contaminate the second, but the attitude of the team was very clear - we wanted to get through. It was tough but we deserved it."

Striker Romelu Lukaku, who just missed out on a hattrick, also spoke after the game.

"In the first half we were very disappointing. Me and the rest of the forwards did not do well and let the defence on their own, The manager told us at half-time that we have to be better. We want to do well in all the competitions we are involved in."