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RBM Q&A: Barnsley fans give us the lowdown on Mason Holgate

We reached out to The Barnsley FC Fans Bulletin Board for their views on the highly rated youngster after Everton secured his signature.

Clint Hughes/Getty Images

With Everton having secured a deal for highly rated Barnsley youngster Mason Holgate today, we decided to get the impressions of Barnsley fans on the Blues' new signing.

Andy White (@Andy__White) from The Barnsley FC Fans Bulletin Board duly obliged with his opinions, while he also set up a thread to get the views of the rest of the Barnsley faithful on the youngster. You can read their responses here.

RBM: What's Holgate's career been like so far, good or bad?

Holgate left our academy setup for Leeds United's some years ago, only to return a couple of years later with his tail between his legs begging for a second chance after Leeds had decided he wasn't good enough.

Huge credit then goes to our academy staff for offering him that second opportunity, and credit also to Mason for seemingly knuckling down and making the most of that opportunity.

RBM: Anything about his game we should be watching out for?

When he - from nowhere really - was introduced to the first team last season by Danny Wilson, it's my opinion he took to it like a duck to water. He oozes confidence and had the sort of composure one would associate with a player much older than he was at that time (17).

RBM: Conversely, is there anything negative about his game to report?

He isn't the real deal. He's just 18 years old, and 18 year old's make mistakes. He made a few last season, but no more than anyone else, including experienced defenders who've represented their country and played in the top flight.

RBM: Given the success of John Stones, comparisons between the two are inevitable, but are they anything alike?

I admit to being one supporter who couldn't help but think of Stonesy. During John's season of emergence there was a couple of occasions where he pulled off technical skills that blew my tiny, small town Barnsley mind.  Stonesy had a touch of the continent about him, flair and composure.

Last season, Mason produced similar moments of magic. Little flicks and tricks that were more Barcelona against Cadiz on a warm evening than Barnsley on a cold Tuesday night against Coventry.

RBM: And finally, what's your overall impression of Holgate? Is £1million good value for Everton?

I really rate Mason Holgate. I have no idea if he's as good as John Stones, but if the £1,000,000 fee is correct, I see that as a fairly cheap payment for a lad who looks to me as if he's capable of playing at the very top if he continues his rapid development.