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Are Manchester City also watching the Stones Saga?

Now this is really hotting up

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Chelsea have already made two bids for Everton and England defender John Stones, first for £20 million and then for£26 million, both of which were rejected outright by Everton.

And then we heard Manchester United were keeping tabs on the situation, and would be willing to step in if nothing else than for the sheer joy of frustrating Jose Mourinho.

Now word is out that Manchester City are getting uneasy about the Stones Saga as well. It has been reported that City's stand has been to let the player complete a full season as first choice starter on the team before launching a bid for the player ahead of the 2016-17 season.

However, with captain Vincent Kompany on the fade and Chelsea looking like they will be going all out for the 21-year-old Everton defender, City are watching to see if there is any sign that the Toffees board will buckle under the pressure from the press and sell the player. Should Chelsea break the £30 million it is quite likely the Etihad club will attempt to usurp Mourinho by offering the player better terms.

City's youth program has been largely ineffective in adding to their homegrown player count, and are desperate to add English talent to maintain the Premier League mandated quotas. As previously mentioned, Kompany had a hideous season, and record-buy Eliaquim Mangala hasn't quite turned out as expected, so Stones would be a good way to settle that position for the next few years.