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How Much Is John Stones Worth?

The question has to be asked

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When you have a young English defender like John Stones on your team, you have to get used to the fact that there will be transfer inquiries for him. Some will be a polite "just kicking the tires" kind, and some will be outright hostile, undercutting bids. Everton find themselves in this exact situation right about now. Roberto Martinez would like to use the 21-year old as a centerpiece to build the current and future Toffee sides.

However, richer sides like Chelsea, who have a need for British-born players to meet certain quotas are bound to come knocking to replace an aging iconic captain who goes by the name of John Terry. Gary Cahill is the other incumbent centerback for the London side, and the backup Kurt Zouma, bought from Ligue 1 side Saint-Etienne for £10.2M has been nothing to write home about.

Chelsea have now made a bid of £20M for Stones, an amount that has been widely considered as derisory and just the kind of thing Jose Mourinho has been known to do to unsettle players. Naturally, Everton fans are outraged too. Cross-city rivals Liverpool just sold Raheem Sterling to Manchester City for £49M, and letting go of Stones for less than half of that is insulting and ridiculous. Mourinho has been reported in the tabloids to say that he has identified Stones as Terry's replacement at just about any cost, so you know that the Stamford Bridge denizens are not going to walk away quietly.

In case you were not aware what that the records are, Manchester United bought Rio Ferdinand over a decade ago in 2002 for £30M to make him the most expensive English defender. In more recent times, Manchester City bought Eliaquim Mangala for £42.9M to make him the most expensive defender in the Premier League, and Chelsea's sale of David Luiz to Paris St. Germain for £50M being the most expensive defender in the history of the game. City had also previously bought Joleon Lescott off the Toffees for £22 in a pretty nifty bit of business for the Blues.

Here is a comparison of Stones' performance in a pretty abysmal season for Everton, up against the three centerbacks on the Chelsea squad.

Stones vs Chelsea

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His career statistics do make for some good reading, especially considering that he was not even a regular starter at Everton until the 2014-15 season. In that time he has also collected four England senior caps and was an alternate in the squad that traveled to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

Stones Stats

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Make no mistake, many Everton fans would not like to sell Stones at any price. Just as many would like to milk Roman Abramovich for every last rouble they could get if the Blues were compelled to sell Stones. With that in mind, how much is Stones really worth? Is that the same as asking how much Everton should ask for their defender were they to sell him?

Stones characteristics

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A recent offseason study carried out by independent site Soccerex had Stones in the top twenty most valuable players in Europe. The player came in 16th in the rankings, valued at £11.8M. However, that same study had Sterling at the head of the list worth £35M and he just moved for nearly 50% more than that. Another football analysis site Transfermarkt have Stones valued at a mere £9M, but they are known to be conservative in their estimations.

Were Everton to sell him, what is the minimum amount you would like to see Chelsea pay for the player? Every player has a price at which the club will have to stop and think whether they will continue to stick to their guns to hold on to a player. And as Mourinho noted, Martinez has said "I do not accept this offer" (in response to the original £20M bid), which is not the same thing as saying "I do not accept any offer" in which situation the case is closed and Chelski are sent packing. So how much do you think Stones is worth?

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