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Martinez Shuts Down Evans Rumors

The Everton Manager made it clear to reporters in Singapore that the club has no interest in acquiring the Manchester United defender

Stanley Chou/Getty Images

For what seems like ages, rumors over acquiring Manchester United Defender Jonny Evans have been flying around Goodison Park. Just yesterday, The Guardian had reported that Everton was "on the verge" of bringing in the 27 year old for a transfer fee of approx. £8 million, making it appear as though Evans' time as a Blue was all but inevitable.

However, manager Roberto Martinez made it clear to reporters gathered in Singapore that this is apparently not the case, as he emphatically shot down any links to the Man U. player.

"No, there's no truth. Nothing." Martinez was quoted in response to rumors over the club's pursuit and offer for Evans, "...I can tell you there is nothing true in that situation."

The potential deal was always seen as a controversial one for Everton, as Royal Blue Mersey has already broken down. Essentially, while Evans could certainly fill the need for depth at Centre behind Phil Jagielka and John Stones, it's hard to justify that role with the hefty price tag Manchester United seems adamant on demanding, with reports indicating that the team could be looking for as much as £10 million for the defender. To many, that's money that could be far more thriftily spent as the Blues look to bounce back from a disappointing 2014-15 season.

In any case, a deal that once appeared inevitable now seems to have come to a screeching halt. Questions still remain on what Everton will do to bolster its reserves at Centre, which has looked precariously thin since the departures of Distin and Alcaraz, but, until further notice, you shouldn't be expecting Jonny Evans to be filling that void.