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Everton 0 – 0 Stoke City (Everton win 5-4 on penalties) – Instant Reaction

The Blues progress to the final of the summer tournament courtesy of a penalty shoot out.

Stanley Chou/Getty Images

Well that was entertaining fare wasn't it? Okay so there may have been a lack of goals, but there were plenty of chances and Everton were arguably the better side.

The Blues looked sharp from the start, with their passing looking more akin to the fare we'd been given the season before last. There was still too much of it mind you, but there seemed to be a purpose to it here.

Moving on to who impressed, and the two youngster Tyias Browning and Brendan Galloway were once again looking solid while Kevin Mirallas was also looking like he may be building for a good season.

The new recruits also impressed, with Gerard Deulofeu easily the best player of the second half as he created a number of chances for himself and others. Sadly though, the Spaniard still has a knack of trying to do too much, if he can learn to pick his head up a bit more often, he's going to be very exciting. In case you didn't already know.

Tom Cleverley isn't as equally exciting as the youngster, but his second Everton game in and he's yet to look like a bad signing. He's not done anything spectacular, but he's looked solid and may well prove to be a bargain.

What we did learn from this game though, is that Everton will need further recruits ahead of next season. A number 10 is desperately needed, with Ross Barkley just not looking suited to the role and Lukaku missing someone providing him with that kind of ammunition.

There also needs to be additions in the squad in general, with Tony Hibbert looking off the pace entirely, and the likes of Steven Pienaar and Leon Osman also a bit suspect.

Whether those signings arrive is yet to be seen, but as pre-season goes, this has been a bright start for Everton. More of the same please.