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Everton 2014-15 Season Review: Steven Pienaar

Steven Pienaar completed his sixth year at the club, and it seems that his best times may be in the past...

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Player: Steven Pienaar #22

Games Played: 11; Games Started: 5; Goals: 0; Assists 2; Shots: 6; Fouls: 14; Fouls Suffered: 23; Yellow Cards: 3; Red Cards: 0


Pienaar came in to this season on the back of a campaign that had seen him take a lesser role under Roberto Martinez, despite his clear suitability to a passing game. This was largely due to injuries, so the South African must have been hoping to stay fit and make his mark this time round. However, sadly this was not to be so, and it seems that with age has come an increasing propensity to be hit with injury problems.

What He Did Well

The 33-year-old was only on the pitch for a paltry 468 minutes in the season, meaning that he had very little time to make any impact at all. When playing the now well known understanding with Leighton Baines was still there, and the winger did add some creativity to the side. The lack of which was evident when neither he or Leon Osman weren't available. However, not much else can be seen from the campaign, and the ex-Tottenham manwill be hoping for more game time come August.

What He Could Have Done Better

It may be harsh to criticize someone for their injury problems, but it was because of this that there isn't very little to point out that Pienaar did badly. Perhaps his advancing years have taken some of the pace from his legs, although his game was never based on lightning speed so this hasn't been a terrible development. So the only thing he can really do is use the summer to get fully fit and have another go next season.


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