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Everton 2014-15 Season Review: Sylvain Distin

After some brilliant performances during his time at Everton, we take a look back at Distin's season and time at Everton. It'll be sad to see him go.

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Player: Sylvain Distin #15

Games played: 13 Games started: 10 Clean sheets: 4 avg pass accuracy: 87%


The ever reliable Frenchman. A defender you could truly rely on to contain attackers and lead a team, Distin gave his all for our club and for that we should be grateful. I'll get it in the open early, it was blatantly obvious that since Martinez took over Distin was never in favour and the manager and player never seen eye-to-eye. The first real sign we seen was Distin being rumoured to be looking for a move in January last season. It appeared that even though Antolin Alcaraz may have been less talented, Distin was still playing second/Third fiddle if you will to Alcaraz, Stones and Jagielka in the peking order.

In my honest opinion, I believe Distin has more ability than Alacaraz even to this day and to see him end his time at Everton as a result of not being selected in front of the Paraguayan, is frankly unfair. He deserved more respect from Martinez.

Just from memory I can recall some brilliant performances Distin has put in for Everton during his time at the club. The first of which is Liverpool at home, back in 2010, when Everton run out 2-0 victors. That day Distin, along with Jagielka had Fernando Torres in their back pockets. He showed some real turn of pace to keep up with the firing Spaniard that day and really put his hand up. Thats what i'll remember Distin by, he never shied away from a challenge. Always willing to stand up and be counted and thats what made him a favourite of the fans at Goodison.

What he did well

Obviously, this season its difficult to talk of his time on the pitch as its been minimal if not nonexistent. Distin made just 13 appearance during the season, most of which from the subs bench. During this time he managed to run up some impressive stats for a player branded 'Coming to the end of his career' by Roberto Martinez. Out of 100% Sylvain managed to successfully win 60% of tackles he was involved in. He made 88% of interceptions and made a total of 21 blocks, from shots on goal. Distin added to that by making 22 clearances and had an average pass completion rate of 83%. The Frenchman's best game according to his stats was against Tottenham (away), were he completed 75% of tackles he was involved in, 49% pass completion rate and 83% of those were forward passes.

As most Evertonians would, I feel Distin deserved better from Roberto during the managers time at the club. I personally, will remember Distin for being as passionate as us about out club and getting so involved with what it means to be a Blue. I'd like to thank him for that and wish him all the success with his future and career endeavours.


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