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EvertonUSA Looking To Launch College Chapters

Calling college students!

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

The EvertonUSA group is the official supporters network in the USA, and has done a stellar job promoting Everton interests over the last few years. Riding on the popularity of goalkeeper Tim Howard, the Toffees have widened their fanbase across the American continent, especially after his outstanding showing at the 2014 World Cup. Combined with the Premier League's television deal with NBC which shows every single game from the league live in the USA, football in general and Everton in particular has gained a viewership unheard of even in the days of Landon Donovan and even further back, Joe Max-Moore.

Aside from establishing Everton fan clubs and viewing parties in just about every major American metropolis and beyond (45 and counting right now), EvertonUSA have also organized trips over to Goodison for groups of fans to experience the School of Science in a way they would have never imagined otherwise. The tireless folk have also managed to get excellent deals for Everton merchandise to be sold out of the online store in addition to access to match tickets for the over two thousand members the group currently boasts (see Facebook page)

In their newest initiative to take the Blues to the heart of the American nation, the group is now launching a grassroots campaign to start EvertonUSA chapters in colleges across the country as well.

COLLEGE STUDENTS!!! We are starting an ambitious program to build EvertonUSA Chapters across colleges nationwide and we need some co-eds to lead the charge. This is an official Club internship and will have you working with us, the Club and it's sponsors putting together events, viewing parties and spreading the Everton gospel. If you love Everton, want some soccer industry experience and a fun marketing internship, get in contact with us by sending an email to

The work being done by the EvertonUSA staff is admirable and deserves your support, especially if you are a Toffee in the USA, COYB!