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More details leak regarding Everton’s deal for Gerard Deulofeu

Reports from Spain suggest a deal is close

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Details regarding the transfer of Gerard Deulofeu from Barcelona to Everton have reportedly been leaked to a Catalan website.

The report on claims that Everton will pay €6million for the winger on a three-year deal with the option of a further year.

It also claims that Barcelona will retain a buy-back clause as part of the deal valued at €9milion after the first season and €12million the second season. After the second year the buy-back clause will expire.

Speculative reports in the English press over the weekend claimed a deal was close, but the high level of detail regarding the transfer contained in this latest report suggests the move could well be imminent.

By inserting a buy-back clause Barcelona are giving themselves a get-out to save face in case Deulofeu goes on to be a super star.

It isn’t ideal, but Barcelona would only activate the clause if the 21-year-old had a sparking season at Goodison Park, which can only be a good thing, right?

The inclusion of the clause also lowers the initial transfer fee, something which again benefits Everton given their seemingly endless cash flow problems.

In reality buy-back clauses are rarely activated anyway so supporters should not be too concerned or criticise the club for their negotiations.

If the deal goes through as stated then I feel Everton will have got themselves an extremely talented player for a very good price.