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Everton 2014-15 Season Review: Bryan Oviedo

Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

Player: Bryan Oviedo #8

Games Played: 10; Games Started: 4; Goals: 0; Assists: 2; Shots: 5; Fouls: 8; Fouls Suffered: 8; Yellow Cards: 3; Red Cards: 0


Bryan Oviedo had himself one heck of a 2013-14 Premier League season before suffering a gruesome double leg break against Stevenage in the FA Cup. He had tallied two goals, six assists and looked to be a viable option at left back if Leighton Baines were to get injured and even played well in left midfield when called upon.

Once he returned from his injury, many hoped he would be able to find his form from last season and contribute to an Everton team that stumbled out of the gates. Unable to break the 18 for a large portion of the season, due in part to the emergence of Luke Garbutt, and his continued injury problems later on meant that Ovideo was unable to regain the form that impressed Evertonians last campaign.

What He Did Well

In his few appearances with the team this season, Oviedo was able to show signs of the skills that afforded him so much playing time last season. As expected we was dangerous going forward, regularly able to get crosses into the box and create issues for the opposing teams right back. Unfortunately his contributions rarely showed up on the statistical sheets this season, save from a lone assist against West Ham in the FA Cup.

Defensively, Ovideo contributed more than expected, registering 1.5 tackles per game in Premier League competitions, intercepting passes at a fair pace and rarely fouling his man. Sadly though, these statistics can only be considered incomplete at best due to the small sample size he provided this season. When healthy, Oviedo was able to contribute to the team, but it is difficult to give him too much credit based on how little he played.

What He Could Have Done Better

The first thing that one has to mention when talking about Oviedo is his ability, or lack thereof to stay healthy. Perhaps it is unfair to say, given that injuries can often be out of the control of the player. But between his recovery from the broken leg and then later season injuries to his hamstring and foot, Oviedo was rarely able to stay on the field long enough to contribute in a meaningful way.

While Ovideo was solid in defense this season, he has not been known for stellar defensive performances throughout his career. If he is to take over for Leighton Baines one day, or compete with Luke Garbutt if he stays with the club, then he will have to be solid defensively on a regular basis. Baines may be known more for his offensive prowess, but he is also solid defensively and Ovideo should look to replicate that somewhat in the coming seasons.


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