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Everton reveal next kit a day early

The Blues have revealed next season's strip in a very unusual, but clever advertising campaign.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

We mentioned earlier this week how Everton and Umbro had given fans a teaser of next season's kit before Thursday's reveal.

Now though, they've gone one step further by revealing the whole kit a day early, although in a rather special and, quite frankly, cute way.

Everyone will remember last season's rather fantastic ‘fabric since' campaign, featuring current and ex players all stood in a Umbro diamond on the pitch. This time around, they've gone for something a bit different, but arguably with the same idea.

Likely inspired by the ‘Born not manufactured' line we're all fond of, the sports giant have modelled the new kit on the next generation of Toffees fans, or well, probably the generation after that given they're just babies. Have a look at the excellent advertising campaign below.


Now, for the good stuff. Given that the rather wonderful reveal with those babies above basically gives away the kit, here's an image which seems to confirm what the more grown up versions will look like. You'll notice it's entirely different from the rumoured leak earlier in the week, showing why to never trust Twitter. If we had to choose, I'd say this season's was better, although Umbro have clearly decided to stick with a winning formula. We'll let you make your own minds up about it.