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Everton tease new kit ahead of launch

The Blues are set to reveal their new kit on Thursday, but it may have already been revealed.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Football kits have taken a life of their own in the recent era, becoming collectors items in themselves.

In fact, such is the importance the fans now put above their club's shirts; they're often treated with the same reverence as the players themselves, with teaser videos, release videos and even press conferences to announce their arrival.

Everton are no different. With the club's 2015/16-strip set to be revealed later this week, before going on sale from June 20th, both the club and makers Adidas have started their viral campaign with a teaser picture to whet the appetite.

Expectations are high for next year's shirt given the relative success of last season's strip, which was a far cry from the frankly boring shirts we've been subjected to over the years from the likes of Nike and Le Coq Sportif.

In fact, one of the better aspects of last season's kit was the launch itself, with that wondrous video and the ‘Fabric since' line. That was good advertising; expect something similar this time around.


Don't say we didn't warn you. Now, just before the teaser tweet above, there had been images circling social media of what the apparent new kit will look like. If you can't wait till the 21st, here's what it looks like according to those reported leaks. Not shabby, but there's no denying this season's one is better. Having said that, if you ask us, that teaser image doesn't match with the one below. We'll let you decide for yourselves.