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Dixie's Daily: Europa League pains, a title challenge & more

Your daily supply of Everton news.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Rotterdam Memories | Everton FC

Yesterday we were full of memories, and today is no different. This time, Everton have been remembering that wonderful night in Rotterdam in 1985. If you know your history...

FA Cup Memories | Everton FC

Sticking with the trip through history, it seems the club are also keen that everyone remembers the 1995 FA Cup triumph over Manchester United. You know things are bad when we're stuck in the past, a bit like those neighbours of ours.

Roberto Martinez to skip Europa League tie, sort of. | Daily Mirror

With Everton's hopes of qualifying for the Europa League now pinned on the Fair Play League, it seems our manager won't have any time for it. Well, in a manner of speaking anyway. Everton have a pre-season game planned in the Barclays Asia Trophy at the same time. Uh oh.

Everton for the title | Premier League

The senior side may have been pretty rubbish in the league this year, but the Under 18s have been anything but. They're currently in contention for the title, going in to this weekend's final game against Manchester City needing a win to secure it. Youngster Michael Donohue has been speaking to the Premier League.

Gooey-eyed Gosling | Bournemouth Echo

Former Everton man Dan Gosling, hero of the defeat of Liverpool in the FA Cup all those years ago, has been speaking about current club Bournemouth's promotion to the Premier League and his time at Everton.