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Dixie's Daily: Two teams united, what might have been & more

Your daily supply of Everton related news.

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The oldest contract ever? | Liverpool Echo

Every footballer is after a decent contract in the modern game, and they’ve certainly come on a bit since this one was signed. This contract, found in a baking tin, could be the oldest ever and belonged to Everton’s first ever England international Johnny Holt.

Two teams united, sort of | Liverpool Echo

Ticket prices are a big issue these days, and with the monumental TV deals of late, it seems they should be a bit cheaper for everyone. The Blue Union and The Spirit of Shankly teamed up recently to discuss the problem with Barclays.

What might have been | Daily Star

The long goodbye of Steven Gerard is nearing it’s conclusion (thank God) but it seems things may have been very different. It’s well documented that Stevie was a Blue back in the day, but he was very, very close to being one forever it seems.

Howard Kendall and the Class of 85’ | The Set Pieces

Ah, harking back to better times is always fun, especially when another trophy looks so far away at present. Step forward Howard Kendall, and him discussing the Class of 85’ and how Heysel hurt Everton as well. Well worth a read.

In other news

Forza Juve!

It seems everyone hates Real Madrid these days, and Cristiano Ronaldo in particular. Juventus though, everybody loves them. What isn’t to love about Andrea Pirlo and Gianluigi Buffon? So it was pretty sweet to see them heading to the Champions League final, because Clasicos have become a little bit boring of late haven’t they?