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Roberto Martinez Approval Rating - March 2015

How is Roberto doing?

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

If Roberto Martinez were a student in college, he'd be up for academic probation by now. Despite his insistence that he is a flexible tactician, he has mostly stuck to his guns on how he wants Everton to play. Sometimes the football has been pretty, but when it's not it's been downright dreadful and the miserable points haul the Blues have is ample proof of that.

The discerning audience that has been voting here on the monthly approval ratings have shown how little faith they have in the manager and his tactics.

October 2014: 3.0 out of 4 - Still early in the season, he'll pull it out.
November 2014: 2.6 out of 4 - This is not just a spell, we're awful!
December 2014: 0.7 out of 4 - Holy $#@*&, are we getting relegated?
January 2015: 1.3 out of 4 - Ok at least we still have the Europa and FA Cup.
February 2015: 1.1 out of 4 - Ok at least we still have the Europa.
March 2015: ?? out of 4 - Ok at least we still have.. nothing.

Here's Everton's record in March - 6 played, with 3 wins and 3 losses.

0-2 loss, away at Arsenal (Premier League)

0-2 loss, away at Stoke City (Premier League)

2-1 win, home to Dynamo Kiev (Europa League)

3-0 win, home to Newcastle United (Premier League)

2-5 loss, away at Dynamo Kiev (Europa League)

2-1 win, away at Queens Park Rangers (Premier League)

So, how did you think Roberto did in March? Feel free to consider his tactics, team selection, in-game adjustments and any other criterion where he has been involved. Further, also take into consideration what he's doing with the youth squads and how he has rotated the squad with the added pressures of playing in the Europa.

Vote below.