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Everton to subsidise tickets for West Ham trip

Club and players to pay a portion of the price

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Everton and members of the playing squad have dipped into their own pockets to subsidise the cost of tickets for the game against West Ham on May 16.

Everton and the players are paying £10 towards the cost of every ticket sold to thank the fans for their efforts supporting the team at home and abroad this season.

The move is separate to the Fan Initiative scheme, which provided funds to put towards discounted tickets throughout the season. This year tickets for games at Newcastle and Swansea were reduced, while free coach travel was put on for games at Burnley, Southampton, Crystal Palace and QPR.

Despite the reduction, tickets are still priced at  a hefty £45, which means face-value price is £55. For a standard league game that means little in an aging stadium is nothing short of scandalous.

With the amount of cash swilling around the Premier League these days there are no excuses for such sky-high prices - hence why a number of Liverpool fans boycotted their midweek game away at Hull after being charged £50.

And although this act of generosity by the club and player is most welcome and should be applauded, it shouldn't mean West Ham escape criticism for such a ridiculous pricing structure.

Captain Phil Jagielka said:

"Everton fans' support is always magnificent, our away fans especially, and this gesture is to show our gratitude to them for their support throughout the season."