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Tributes paid to Sir Philip Carter

Former Everton chairman has died at the age of 87.....

Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images

Tributes continue to be paid to Sir Philip Carter, former Everton chairman and honorary life president, who has died at the age of 87.

A hugely successful businessman, Sir Philip joined the club as a director in 1973 before becoming chairman in 1978. During his time as chairman he oversaw the most successful period in the club's history. With manager Howard Kendall guiding the club to two league titles, the FA Cup and the European Cup Winners' Cup during the 1980s.

He was praised for sticking with manager Kendall even when the club was struggling in the winter of 1983 and sections of the crowd were calling for change.

He left his role in 1994 when Peter Johnson completed his takeover of the club. However, when Johnson's turbulent tenure came to an end he returned following Bill Kenwright's takeover in 1998. He was then made honorary life president in 2004 before becoming a director again in 2008.

Carter also served president of the Football League and was an FA vice-president. In 1992 he represented Everton - then one of the 'big five' (how times have changed, sigh...) - and helped pushed through the formation of the Premier League, changing the footballing landscape in England - and beyond - forever.

His influence on Everton and the wider game cannot be understated and I'm sure he will never be forgotten at Goodison Park.

Current chairman Bill Kenwright said:

"Words cannot describe my feelings of loss primarily as a friend but also as an Evertonian.

"Sir Philip was simply a giant...a great man a great leader and the very best friend and colleague anyone could ask for. I never once met him without calling him Chairman. I never will.

"That title was his by right. He will always have a major place in our great club's history. To his wondrous Lady Rita and his family we send the deepest of condolences together with our undying love and gratitude for his life."

Former manager Howard Kendall:

It’s sad news. The man was Everton Football Club.

"It was an honour and a pleasure to be at Everton Football Club with Sir Philip. He had a big part to play in the successful times, no doubt.

"I had a tremendous working relationship with him. We had a long-term association and we got on so well. In terms of signings and what I wanted to do to the Club, he always okayed it.

"We had board meetings and I’d know financially what was available. I remember when we signed Trevor Steven from Burnley. We had a little bit of a problem trying to negotiate his contract. He just said to me ‘Howard, do you want him?’. When I said yes, he replied with ‘just do it’. He had so much confidence in me and I appreciated that.

"Even in the difficult times, the most important factor to me was his loyalty. He stuck with me. He made a defiant vote of confidence. He meant it and that doesn’t happen normally.

"He backed me at the time and I wouldn’t have stayed there [if it hadn’t been for him]. It was a combination of appreciation for each other. I really appreciated his confidence in me.

"He was also very influential in bringing me back to Everton from Manchester City.

"I am just lost for words in terms of the presence of the man and what Everton Football Club meant to him. I will miss him on matchdays."