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Leighton Baines to Real Madrid is the best rumour of the year so far

Are the 10-time European champions really after the Everton left back?

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The truth is usually a rare commodity when it comes to football gossip columns so supporters would always do well to approach them with caution.

That is particularly so when rumours surface regarding transfer that do not make any real sense - like Leighton Baines to Real Madrid.

couple of Spanish websites have suggested the 30-year-old is interesting Real as they look to replace Fabio Coentrao.

Bayern Munich full-back David  Alaba is top of their wanted list - reportedly - but should a move for the Austrian fail then Baines is high on their wanted list, apparently.

These articles contain no quotes and state no source so their content should be approached with caution, and also a little common sense. Just because they are in Spanish doesn't offer them any more credibility.

Leighton Baines is a fine player but even the most blue-eyed of Evertonian would admit that Real Madrid - arguably the biggest club in the world - could aim higher.

They could also aim younger, Baines is 31 at the end of the year so is already entering the autumn of his career. Real can afford to buy players in their prime.

However, should these extraordinary rumours some how be true Everton should snap their hands off. Baines is a great player yes, but age is not on his side and the club have a ready-made replacement in Luke Garbutt waiting in the wings.

Few would berudge Baines such at move at this stage of his career either. It would be a deal to suit all parties.

But before you all order your Baines '3' Real Madrid shirts, remember this crazy rumour is 99.9% likely to be completely made up or at the very least, lost in translation.

I'm going for completely made up.