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Roberto responds to 'Martinez out' graffiti

Boss accepts Everton are underperforming

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Roberto Martinez accepts fan criticism comes with the territory when managing a club like Everton after 'Martinez out' graffiti was daubed on the Bullens Road stand at Goodison Park.

It has yet to be determined who was behind the graffiti - there are even rumours it was mischievous Liverpool fans - but it reflects the frustrations felt by the fan base after a hugely disappointing season.

Thursday's collapse in Kiev appeared to be the final straw for some supporters, with the anger directed at Martinez centring around his selection of the blundering Antolin Alcaraz ahead of John Stones.

Most fans have condemned the graffiti, especially as it was daubed on Everton's cherished Goodison Park, though that doesn't mean Martinez escapes criticism after such a difficult season.

When asked about the graffiti Martinez conceded it was part of the job, though his comments suggest he is still coming to terms with just how big Everton is.

The boss said:

"What I have discovered is that we're a passionate football club, a big football club.

"I understand when we don't get the results we want, you're going to get unrest, so as a manager I accept that.

"You always need to focus on what we can do to be a winning team, which is my focus and my only aim and I always respect whatever the views from the outside.

"Football is not about managers or me, we showed last season when we finished fifth that our football was fantastic.

"There are reasons why we couldn't maintain that in this campaign, I'm the first one to accept that Everton is a club that should be fighting for the top positions."