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Everton lose at Arsenal: Instant Reaction

Another poor display from Everton, who are mired in a Premier League relegation battle whether we like it or not.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Another Premier League game down, and Everton are fast running out of fixtures to get themselves safe.

The Blues are now just six points clear of Burnley in 18th place, and are almost certainly in a relegation battle, whichever way you look at it. To put our current situation into perspective we're now also 11 points behind 10th placed Stoke.

Some will argue that this result was undeserved given how we played, but it was very much all the same from Everton this afternoon. The intent was certainly there but there was nothing up front. Arsenal's keeper David Ospina was forced into a few good saves but it was mostly periodic and never really that dangerous.

What is concerning are the performances from players like Ross Barkley and Kevin Mirallas, who both might as well have not been there such was their lack of input into this game. No blame can be put on Romelu Lukaku who is frequently given little to nothing to work with by the players behind him.

The defence remains an issue as it has all season. Arsenal's first came from a combination of Seamus Coleman failing to clear the ball and giving away a corner, John Stones messing about with his socks and losing Olivier Giroud and Tim Howard's positioning once again being at question.

The only positive from this game was the performance of Luke Garbutt, who's crossing was superb and defensively he was decent as well. Everton have to get the youngster signed to a new contract immediately, but that doesn't look like its going to happen any time soon.

So, another loss and another poor performance from Everton, who now need 12 points to be safe according to most. Where those points will come from is another matter, and it’s hard to see which three teams are worse than us in the league at this moment in time. Worrying times ahead for Everton.