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David Moyes "disappointed" with reaction of Everton fans

Former boss still doesn't get it

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

David Moyes has once again demonstrated his completed lack of understanding - or worse ignorance - by expressing his surprise at the Everton fans' reaction to his return to Goodison last season.

In a wind ranging interview with FourFourTwo magazine, Moyes suggested the supporters had not fully appreciated his efforts.

"I wasn’t surprised, because I know how supporters react and I had left their club. But I was disappointed.

"I got Everton competing at the top end of the league with a mid-table budget. I gave everything I could in trying to make Everton the best I could. It was a long process but we did it – my staff, my players and others at the club.

"We had some glorious nights at Goodison and the fans were superb. I’ve got huge affection for Everton, it was my life for over a decade."

Moyes was roundly booed last April during a 2-0 victory for Everton that would turn out to be his final game in charge of Manchester United.

The atmosphere was in stark contrast to 12 months previously, when a departing Moyes was given a rapturous reception by the supporters once it had been confirmed he was leaving the club for Old Trafford after 12 years in charge.

That reception was despite the fact Moyes had deliberately wound his contract down at Goodison, meaning he could jump ship to Man Utd - one of the richest clubs in the world - for absolutely nothing.

It was his behaviour once in charge of the Red Devils though that really got the supporters' backs up.

His clumsy pursuit of Leighton Baines and Marouane Fellaini dominated the summer. He infamously demanded Everton let Baines go "for the good of his career", saying that he would do the same if still at Goodison.

Then there was the £28million double bid branded "derisory" by Everton, who were also clearly irked by their former manager's actions.

No-one expected Moyes to do Everton any favours but it was the speed at which he turned against the club, his hypocritical behaviour regarding transfers and the manner by which he engineered his exit that meant he was only ever going to get grief upon his return.

I look back at the period and think Moyes let things go to his head, with all his supposed power and influence causing him to abandon his principles.

Moyes, though, still doesn't appreciate that and thinks the Everton fans are simply angry at him because he left. If that was the case why did he get such a tremendous send off?

I have huge respect for what David Moyes achieved at Everton in what were at times very trying circumstances. And any success we have in the near future can be traced back to his time in charge and how he rescued us from oblivion under Walter Smith.

But he is certainly doing his best to trash his legacy by his failure to admit he handled his departure and first summer at Man Utd very badly. He is also insulting our intelligence by suggesting we do not appreciate or comprehend what he did for the club.

Maybe some distance and time will prove to be a healer and the next time Moyes turns up at Goodison it will be a much more pleasant experience.

But this whole saga reminds me a phrase often used by Moyes that he could do well to heed:

"Respect is a two way street".