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Young Boys 1 – 4 Everton: Instant Reaction

The Blues win impressively in Switzerland to surely set up Europa League progression.

Philipp Schmidli/Getty Images

Everton's style of play certainly suits Europe more than the Premier League doesn't it?

Despite that recent late loss to Chelsea, which had the potential to really hurt confidence, it seems the Blues were massively up for this game and the result is evidence of it. Given that it also came on a strange artificial pitch, and the win is all the more impressive.

Roberto Martinez's men were formidable to say the least. An early goal from Horarau looked to have made things uncomfortable for Everton, with Tim Howard once again coming in for criticism. While I agree that the American could have done better, sometimes you just have to admit it's a good goal and move on.

That's exactly what Everton did and were soon level courtesy of Romelu Lukaku. Credit must be given to the Blues, who never faltered in Switzerland, even in light of the early set back, and always looked comfortable for a win.

The Belgian was hugely impressive all night though and was playing the way many have been asking for him to perform, better touches, better link up play, running at defenders and getting into the box to score tap ins. The possibility of offside aside, these were real strikers goals for Lukaku and wonderful to see.

The only negative you can have from his performance is the fact he seems to miss simple chances, with one glaring miss from Garbutt's cross that cannot be forgotten easily. Another disappointing aspect was also the loss of John Stones, who's red was more naïve than anything. He didn't look comfortable for most of the night in all truth. In both aspects though, they're young and will learn from those mistakes and improve upon them in future.

Yet again, the Blues are impressive in Europe and it would take a miracle for them to give this tie away at Goodison Park. Credit must be given to Roberto Martinez for how he planned for this one, and the execution of that plan. A similar performance in the league against Leicester at the weekend would be greatly appreciated.

Can we have an artificial pitch now please Bill?