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Everton's 2015 in numbers: Average at best

The Blues manage to make the top ten in the Premier League, but only just.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

With 2015 now coming to a close, and the last of the fixtures having been played, the league table for the calendar is now completed.

That means we can take a look at just how Everton's year has panned out, with a number of interesting statistics coming to light.

In the league table of 93 teams, the Blues come in just over half way in 43rd place, based on a points per game ratio.

Having played 38 games across the year, Roberto Martinez's side have managed an average of 1.37 points per game, putting them level with Leeds United and Rochdale in the standings.

Over the year they managed 13 wins, 13 draws and 12 losses, picking up 52 points over the second half of last season and the first half of this campaign.

That puts them in the top ten in the Premier League for points won, although they just miss out on the top ten when it comes to victories, with Southampton having managed one more.

In that time they have managed to score 54 goals in total, an average of 0.7 per game, while they have conceded 47, an average of 0.8 per game.

In terms of goals scored, that leaves them far behind leaders Manchester City, who scored 75, while they are not too far away from the leakiest teams in the division, Aston Villa and Newcastle, who both conceded 59.

Defence has obviously been an issue, with the side managing just 12 clean sheets across the year, with one only coming every 3.1 games on average. The worst record in the Premier League was West Brom with 17.

Similarly they managed to make nine mistakes leading to goals across the year, meaning they made a mistake leading to a goal every 4.9 games on average.

Moving on to discipline, the side picked up 61 yellow cards on 2015, around 0.6 per game, while their red card count stood at just four, with one coming every 9.6 games on average.

Compared to the league, they are far behind Tottenham who earned themselves 82 yellow cards in 2015, while Newcastle had the most reds with seven.

A fairly average year for Everton then, who will be hoping that 2016 can bring about better fortunes than 2015 had to offer.