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Everton's New Year Resolutions for 2016

Who and what would you pick?

Nigel Roddis/Getty Images

The year 2015 has not been very good for Everton, as you can read here.

So with that in mind, we asked the staff at Royal Blue Mersey the following question.

"Pick one Evertonian (player/manager/Board), and what should his New Year's resolution be?"

Read on for the writers' responses, and tell us your picks and resolutions in the comments below.

Brian -
Roberto Martinez, and his resolution should be to teach the team how to defend set pieces and how to try and score off of them.

Matt -
Tim Howard's new year's resolution should be to find the form he had against Belgium in the 2014 World Cup.

Alex -
Tim Howard's new years resolution should be to learn to catch again or promise to not big himself up to be a better player than his form suggests, he's done that on a few occasions already this season.
Also, Martinez's resolution should be to get the teams defence in order asap.

Adam -
Roberto Martinez's resolution should be to bring someone into his staff who can deal with the gritty portions of the game in which the club is so direly failing right now. If Roberto's weakness as a manager lie in consistent defending and set pieces (both offensive and defensive), that's fine, but he cannot continue to let his team struggle in these areas. If he isn't the man to improve the team's defending and set pieces, so be it, but he must then find someone who can do that for him.

Darren -
Robert Elstone. To move on to pastures new. Completely and utterly incapable of being the Chief Executive of a football club in a league of ever rising revenue.

Tom M -
For Bill Kenwright to finally end his search for investment and handover the club to careful new owners who have the ambition and, more importantly, the finance to take the club forward.

Troy -
Roberto Martinez needs to make spending time working on defense and set pieces his new years resolution. To many points lost on defensive lapses and lack of organization on set pieces. We'd be talking about Europe right now if our team was as good as the talent we have on defense.

Tom W -
Roberto Martinez. His New Year's resolution should be to develop and nurture a winning mentality at the club. Our club motto is 'Nothing but the best is good enough,' yet we fail to live up to positive expectations time and again. In fact I'd be tempted to remove it from the club badge until we next win silverware. Losses are terrible, draws are just as pathetic, and the only way forward is to win.

Jon -
Leighton Baines should resolve to grow back that hideous (and by hideous I mean wonderful) beard.

Mike -
Roberto Martinez should resolve to stop being so damn stubborn! Make some adjustments, be proactive, organize the defense. He has it in him to be a very good manager but I don't know if he's progressing enough and I don't know if he's self-critical enough.

Ryan -
The Everton Board - They need to find a buyer that is going to move this club forward financially and on the pitch. They claim to be real Blues, the new year is the time to prove it.

Sean -
Roberto Martinez. Play two wingers! One of the most dominating periods of play I've seen us have this season was with Deulofeu on the right and Mirallas on the left for about 30 minutes at home to Norwich in the league cup. Whenever we play Kone or Naismith on the left we look so unbalanced and its hampering either Baines or Galloway's performances in attack. Also, if Martinez cannot organise the defence then replace Dennis Lawrence with someone of the Stubbs/Weir mould we had a few seasons ago.

Calvin -
Roberto, to recite Alex Ferguson's mantra every morning to himself in the mirror: "Attack wins you games, defence wins you titles."