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Roberto frustrated by penalty decisions, calls for maturity

Post-match manager's quotes

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Everton manager Roberto Martinez expressed his frustration at the refereeing decisions that first denied the Blues a penalty, and then proceeded to award one to Stoke in time added on to let the visitors win.

"There is real anger at the final decision; the penalty is never a penalty. It's a situation where it cost us the draw.

"We would have been disappointed with that but to not even get the draw is tough to take.

"John Stones touches the ball - slightly - but it is a touch of the ball. It is a very soft decision in that respect.

"We are disappointed to be losing a point so late in the game, especially when it was a similar action earlier in the game with Seamus Coleman and their left-back."

Martinez did admit that his side should have done better once they finally had the lead with about ten minutes to go.

"Overall we showed an incredible reaction to come back and get in front but at 3-2 we should have managed the game a lot better.

"It is the hardest thing to do, to get back on level terms, then get ahead. It was a real blow to lose the third goal but clearly we have to become stronger defensively.

"There are certain actions we have to defend a lot better and, as a team, we have to get more mature. We have to be wiser in protecting that lead."

On the topic of goalie Tim Howard, Martinez continued to defend the USA international. When asked if he would consider a change of keeper he said -

"At the moment there is a bigger picture, but nobody has got their position safe. Everyone is fighting for their starting spot, it's no different for anyone but we have to get better as a team."