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Everton at Newcastle United: Extended Highlights

All the goals, saves and more.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

This was deja vu all over again. Everton dominated the opening stages of the game, making their hosts Newcastle United look like a non-League side as they passed the ball around with ease. However, for all their domination, they failed to score for most of the game thanks to Geordies goalie Robert Elliott. In fact, it's Newcastle who showed why they are rooted at the wrong end of the table with some great chances and abysmal finishing.

With all looking lost and yet another draw for Everton nearly in the bag, the Blues made one more break and Newcastle put it out for a corner. Gerard Deulofeu whipped in the corner and Elliott palmed it away, straight to the head of Tom Cleverley who was loitering around the edge of the box rather cleverly (sorry, couldn't resist). The midfielder reacted quickly to head the ball back into the goal, for the winner, with barely ten seconds to go of injury time at the end of the second half.

The win in some ways was not deserved, as the Blues continue to make the same mistakes they have been game after game going back to September, but were lucky enough to get away with it today and steal the win.

Here are the highlights of the game -

Video courtesy of NBC Sports (only in the USA)

Video courtesy of Full Matches and Shows.