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Look who we found under the Christmas tree!

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

With Everton slumping and badly in need of some inspiration, this is your chance as Everton's Secret Santa to give the Blues a player that is going to grab the team by the scruff of the neck and drag them up the table.

"Which player would you like to find under the tree in Everton colors on Christmas morning?"

See below for what the team at Royal Blue Mersey thinks, and chime in in the comments below with your choices.

Brian -

I'd like a central defender. Really any central defender, I'm not picky as long as they can defend corners and set pieces.

Matt -

I would like to find Yarmolenko under the tree in Everton colors.

Alex -

I'd love to find John Stones under the Christmas tree with a new contract and a 5 year deal and a buy out clause of £60mil.

Adam -

I'd love to find a new left winger bought with the money from a Kevin Mirallas sale. It seems pretty clear that Roberto Martinez has lost faith in the Belgian winger, but the Kone-as-a-left-winger experiment seems to have run its course. Frankly, I'm not too particular about the exact player, we just need an out-and-out left winger.

Darren -

Jack Butland, in fact any decent goalkeeper. This current one would drop the presents as he handed them out and spoil the day.

Tom M -

Jack Butland. Tim Howard's time is most definitely up and Butland has the potential to be our No.1 for the next decade.

Troy -

I agree with the Butland signing. There is no stronger need than defense and stability at the back. There is no better fix than a healthy Phil Jagielka and a keeper at the top of his game.

Tom W -

Jack Butland. He's young, we need a good goalkeeper and clearly Martinez doesn't believe Joel Robles is the answer. We need help at the back, and a new goalkeeper would be a nice way to kick-off Christmas. It's a shame the transfer window doesn't open until January.

Jon -

I would love Yarmolenko or Butland, but this a fantasy scenario, so I'll go a little differently and say Eden Hazard. He's having a down season but that won't last. Just imagine how fun that attack would be to watch - Romelu Lukaku, Hazard, Ross Barkley, Gerard Deulofeu. Switch to a 4-3-3 and let 'er rip I say.

Mike -

At the risk of being unoriginal, Jack Butland. I've written a lot about how the defense is holding this team back and I'm starting to think it starts from the very back (and maybe the manager). Also, read this.

Ryan -

It depends on who is buying the gift. If it's your parent's or significant other who know what you have been longing for then Andriy Yarmolenko. If the gift is from the office white elephant exchange, I'll take Jack Butland.

Sean -

Like everyone else, Jack Butland. Joel has done well when given the chance but there's just something about him that doesn't inject confidence. We should have signed Butland while he was warming Stoke's bench and they had Asmir Begovic.

Calvin -

I've been wanting Yarmolenko all along, so I'm not going to change my choice now even though the back end of the Blues is a bit of a wreck right now. Hopefully we can simply outgun teams with Yarmo marshaling the attack in the second half of the season.