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Martinez Defends Kenwright Amid Takeover Talk.

Martinez was quick to defend Kenwright and company amid growing takeover talk

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Roberto Martinez has come to the defense of embattled Everton chairman Bill Kenwright amid fresh takeover rumours. Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Martinez spoke highly of Kenwright and believes the 70-year-old is the man that will ensure a positive future for Everton.

Kenwright and the current Everton board have come under intense scrutiny as of late over fan outrage regarding everything from lack of investment to multiple failed stadium projects. For Kenwright naysayers, there was hope recently in the form of a rumoured takeover from a Kansas City based group that owns Sporting Kansas City of MLS. Hope has been renewed with news that a group led by former San Diego Padres owner John Jay Moores is looking into a takeover of the club. Despite the murky background of Moores, there appears to be some positive reaction to the prospect of big money investment and the renewed possibility of a new stadium.

Martinez, being ever diplomatic and positive, refused to comment on these issues and continued to throw his support behind the current regime.

"When there is something we have to share with our fans they will be the first to know. Whatever happens in the future is going to be good because were in a great position and he football club is in the best possible hands ever."