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Everton at Norwich City: Extended Highlights

All the goals and saves from the Everton vs Norwich game

Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Until Everton can put together a consistent, 90-minute display they are going to struggle to win. The game against Norwich City was no different than the Watford, Bournemouth, Crystal Palace or many other games this season where the Blues totally dominated for one half, but failed to put away their chances and seal the game beyond reprieve, followed by the inevitable defensive lapse (usually from a setpiece) leading to a draw.

The Blues aren't going to get anywhere beyond their midtable finish from last season if they keep this up. This back nine schedule that the Blues have been playing against the bottom half of the Premier League table was when they should have been piling up the points and making a run for the top six spots. Instead, they continue to drop points both home and away.

Here are the highlights from the game, including yet another shot that hit the post, along with multiple other close shaves in a first half where Everton could easily have been four or five goals up.

Video courtesy of Footy Room