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Everton Transfer Rumors involving John Stones, Kevin Mirallas and Steven Naismith

Another bidder is looking for John Stones next month and Roberto Martinez admits he may not be ready to let Kevin Mirallas or Steven Naismith go.

Stones will be a hot target this January
Stones will be a hot target this January
David Ramos/Getty Images

The Mirror is reporting that Manchester United are preparing to make a £50M bid for the English center back. This news is little surprise as United has struggled with health on the back line and been knocked out of the Champions League competition. This value still doesn't seem like a number that would force Roberto Martinez to make a move. The problem here is if multiple teams get involved in January they may push themselves to a number that just can't be turned away. With Chelsea, Manchester United and even Barcelona showing interest would Roberto be able to turn down £70M or even more?

The Express is reporting some good news in regards to Phil Jagielka's health. He could even see game time before the month is out, but more than likely he'll view early next year as a target. Getting him back before the first leg of the Capital One Cup would be a huge bonus for the team.

The same article touched on comments made by the manager in regards to out of favor players Steven Naismith and Kevin Mirallas. The skipper would prefer to talk to the two about extensions instead of looking to move them though. He knows injuries and suspensions could quickly hurt this team and with cup competitions filling the schedule he needs all the bodies he can get. His comments come along with the suggestion he won't be adding players this January. If that is the case he really needs to hold onto everyone or face playing a thin squad this spring.