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Fan to fly pro-Kenwright banner over Goodison Park

Kenwright will like this one

Michael Regan/Getty Images

There has been an uptick in planes flying banners over Premier League stadiums this season, and usually the message on the banners is not a positive one. Everton have not been immune to this oft-tacky method used by groups trying to get heard.

The first one Toffees saw this season was during the game at Southampton -

Picture courtesy of the Mirror

Ironically, the Blues put in one of the best performances of the young season there, crushing the home side Saints 3-0.

Next was about a month later, as Everton were preparing to face Chelsea, whose multiple advances for defender John Stones had been just repelled.

Picture courtesy of the Mirror

Once again, the players turned it up a notch and dominated defending champions Chelsea 3-1. In hindsight, that doesn't seem to be much of a big deal as everyone is thumping the Stamford Bridge lot nowadays.

Banners criticising the board are becoming more and more common at games now, specifically targeting chairman Bill Kenwright and chief executive Robert Elstone.

Now a fan has started an initiative to fly yet another banner, this time during the game against Aston Villa on 21st November, to thank Kenwright for his services to Everton.

'Stephen K' - as he has chosen to be known - has set up the 'Bill Kenwright Appreciation Club' on fundraising site GoFundMe. He was looking to crowdsource the cost of the plane and banner, which was targeted at £640, but has now risen to £1,045, with 93 people pledging money in just five days.

He has also promised to give any money leftover to the Blues charity Everton In The Community.

"Here is a chance for all Evertonians to thank Bill Kenwright for everything he has done for our club.

"Most of us can see the progress made under Bill and recognise this might be the last time the club is in the hands of a true Evertonian."

Kenwright also received a lot of praise from fans last week for his touching eulogy to the late Howard Kendall.