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Time for Everton to start accumulating points

Schedule eases up

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Everton faced a brutal beginning of the season, playing eight of last season's top ten in their first ten games.

As you can see, Everton were not necessarily very effective against teams that are currently in the top half of the table - just five points in six games against teams in the top eight. They had thirteen points in their first ten games, which is on pace for a 49 point total, which would ensure another mediocre finish like last season (11th place, 47 points).

There is good news on the horizon though, because starting from last weekend's game against the Mackems, the Blues will face some easier opposition. As the days get shorter, the weather colder and the pitches harder, the quality of opponent should get a little lower than what Everton have gone up against so far.

Should the Toffees continue to run true to the form they've shown so far, then they do have the chance to rack up 20 points from their next nine fixtures, or at least 16 points (possible best case scenario on the left, alternate on the right).

That would bring Everton to a total of 33 points at the halfway point of the season. Just for reference, if they replicated that in the second half, then they would end up with 66 points, which would have been good enough for 5th place last season, 7th in 2013-14 and 6th in 2012-13.