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New Everton takeover rumors surface

Takeover rumors continue to swirl around Goodison Park. This new rumored group is also from the United States

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

The news of an American group taking over Everton came and went quickly last month. The rumors of a Kansas-based group buying the Toffees energized the fan base, giving hope of an exciting new future. However, those rumors seemed to all but disappear after Robb Heineman, member of the ownership group of MLS' Sporting Kansas City, and supposed member of the takeover group splashed cold water on the rumors.

However, new rumors of a takeover from a new American group seem to have made their way to the forefront. The Daily Star reports that "several US consortiums" are actively pursuing a purchase of the club. No doubt tempted by the massive amounts of money from recent TV deals, it would stand to reason that investors, especially from America would be looking to get in on the action in the Premier League. The Daily Star quoted a source as saying that, "I would say the chances of Everton being sold are higher than they have been for some time."

Supporters are used to these kinds of rumors and would do well to temper expectations until something more concrete comes to light. But these rumors seem to indicate a step in the right direction and hopefully a news ownership group for the Toffees.