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Everton AGM confirmed for next month

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

The Everton Shareholders Association has confirmed that the club's Annual General Meeting will take place next month.

The Everton board will meet shareholders at 6pm on Monday November 23 at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall.

It will be an opportunity for shareholders to question the Everton board on key issues relating to off-field performance. Shareholders are likely to receive copies of the club's 2015 Annual Report and Accounts in the coming weeks ahead of the AGM.

Subjects likely to brought up are the club's commercial performance (cough, cough, Kitbag deal, cough, cough) and the search for a new stadium.

There has been little said on the issue of a new stadium since plans to explore a site on Walton Hall Park were announced 13 months ago.

Many suspect the project will fall by the wayside, joining Kirkby and Kings Dock on the embarrassing list of failed ground moves. It will certainly be interesting to see what Robert Elstone and co. will have to say.

The Everton's shareholders' association has more than 200 members who represent the club's minor shareholders,which is currently in the region of 900.

The association has a 14-man executive committee including a chairman, vice-chairman, secretary and treasurer. The executive committee is elected annually at the association's own AGM.