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Tim Howard Picks His All-Time Starting XI

In an interview with Four Four Two magazine, Tim Howard selected his all-time starting XI. He made some great choices, but also left many scratching their heads.

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Every so often an article pops up in which a current or retired football star names his all-time starting XI. Magazine Four Four Two asked Everton and USMNT goalkeeper Tim Howard for his all-time XI and he didn't disappoint. Mixed in with the usual legends and superstars are some, shall we say interesting choices. For more behind why he chose the players he did, click here.

Starting XI

GK: Tim Howard

RB: Tony Hibbert

CB: Phil Jagielka

CB: Rio Ferdinand

LB: Leighton Baines

DM: Roy Keane

CM: Steven Gerrard

CM: Landon Donovan

RW: Cristiano Ronaldo

CF: Didier Drogba

LW: Ryan Giggs


Ruud Van Nistelrooy

Paul Scholes

Chris Woods


Jurgen Klinsmann

Howard has obviously made some very wise choices in his all-time XI and some of the picks are no-brainers. You could probably find at least one of Ferdinand, Keane, Ronaldo, Drogba and Giggs in any player's all-time XI. Each of them represent some of the best players of the last decade and while some may not be on everyone's list, you could argue for their inclusion in this list.

There are also several, shall we say interesting choices in this list. Jagielka and Baines are understandable given Howard's experience with the duo. They have also been two of the better defenders in the Premier League over the last several years. Hibbert has to be the most shocking addition on the list. Sure he was a fine right back in his heyday and is an Everton legend in his own right, but I think this is probably the first all-time XI that Hibbert has ever been included on. Kudos to Howard for thinking outside the box. Speaking of outside the box, Howard also made the bold decision to pick himself as goalkeeper. I understand that confidence is a big part of being a professional goalkeeper, but I think that has to be another surprising first.

There was also the shocking addition of former Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard. Looking at the choice objectively, it makes sense, Gerrard was one of the best English midfielders in the Premier League era. Looking at this choice as an Everton supporter, I am absolutely shocked that he would pick the best player from his club's biggest rival.

The inclusion of Landon Donovan is also a bit of a head-scratcher. Sure the recently retired midfielder was one of Major League Soccer's all-time greats, but I wouldn't exactly consider him an all-time great in general. While he was successful domestically and on the international stage, Donovan was never able to get things going during his stints in Europe, leaving many to wonder what could have been.

Finally, in what must be an attempt to get back into the good graces of his National Team coach following his break from the US squad, Howard chose Jurgen Klinsmann to coach this squad. While I could understand that picking David Moyes as coach may have not been the best choice, Howard did play under Sir Alex Ferguson and that probably would have been the correct choice to make.

So what do you think of Tim Howard's All-Time XI? Who would you have included instead? Have you say in the comment section.