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Capital One Cup Quarter Finals Draw - Live Thread

Blues are in, who else?

Ian Walton/Getty Images

UPDATED - Matches to be played on November 30th. Blues will be away to today's shootout heroes Boro.

1840 EST: First out of the hat is Middlesbrough, and they'll be at home against Everton. Southampton home against Liverpool. Stoke City versus Sheffield Wednesday. Manchester City host Hull City.

1837 EST: United fall to pieces in the penalty shootout, and it'll be Boro who are draw number #7.

1830 EST: United and Boro have gone to penalties, and mercifully one of the two will be out and we can finally have the draw!

1815 EST: Draw will be done after the completion of the United-Boro game, unfortunately for those who have to wake up in a matter of hours.


Everton made it through the Fourth Round of the Capital One Cup and will be waiting to see who they play next in a matter of minutes.

The Blues have been drawn in slot number 1, while crosstown rivals Liverpool are in at number 5. With Chelsea and Arsenal both knocked out yesterday, there are some smaller sides that have made it this far and could prove to be interesting opposition. Manchester City and Southampton both won today to make it through, while Manchester United and Middlesbrough are in extra time right now.

A home game against Sheffield Wednesday seems to be the fixture of choice for just about everyone. Hull City and Stoke City could also prove easier opposition. Remember, Everton have never won the Capital One Cup trophy, in any of its previous iterations either.

Keep it here as we update this blog live with the results of the Quarter Finals draw of the Capital One Cup.