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Martinez reactions to Jagielka injury, Deulofeu diving claims

Roberto Martinez shed some light on his captain’s injury and speaking to Deulofeu

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images
The manager spoke to media this morning ahead of Everton’s Capital One Cup fourth round tie at home to Norwich City but the focus was Phil Jagielka’s injury.

"We feared the worst with Jags at first. His medial ligament is affected, but there is no other damage," continued the Spaniard "It's hard to say how long."

"His medial ligament is affected, but there is no other damage. It's hard to say how long. I wouldn't expect [him to be out for] any longer than 8-9 weeks."

Martinez also expressed his discontent with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain’s challenge that has caused Jagielka’s injury,

"To lose Phil Jagielka in such a stupid challenge is disappointing, because the referee has already awarded the free-kick.

"It was an unnecessary challenge. Needless. Oxlade-Chamberlain puts his foot up when the referee has already given the free-kick.

"It's an unfortunate action. It's not malicious or with any intent. If you have a player who lunges his body to try and stop a ball going over the goal-line and that ends up with an injury, then you take it. But this is frustrating."

Another incident in the 2-1 defeat at Arsenal that sparked debate was Gerard Deulofeu’s supposed dive, resulting in the young winger being booed for the rest of the game. Martinez said he will speak to Deulofeu,

"Gerard is a young man who has come into a very different game and he needs to understand the culture of the British game, but I love to see players who care and want to make things happen. He is an emotional player and I don't think he was disrespectful in any way," said the Everton manager.

"Sometimes as a player when they keep hitting you with every chance they get, sometimes you are going to feel the challenge comes your way and maybe you are going to go to ground that little bit easier.

"Maybe he has to learn that, but it is difficult as a striker or an attacking player to cope with the amount of bad treatment you get from defenders."

Martinez continued though complimenting his fellow countryman’s potential,

"Gerard has incredible talent, he worries defenders and you could see at the end they had three players around him. He carries that threat.

"He is a young player and he has a lot to learn but he has the desire and that winning mentality and it's only a matter of time before he puts that talent together."

More focusing on tomorrow’s encounter the manager said,

"Bryan [Oviedo] is fully fit and was very impressive for Costa Rica and the U21s. Kevin [Mirallas] is back from suspension and working really well."

"The threat coming from Arsenal in the first half wasn't enough to merit two goals. We switched off."

"We want to be as good as we can on Tuesday for many reasons - to react and to make the previous rounds count."